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This assessment is designed to collect critically important information about you as well as your beliefs, strategies, and experiences working in this organization.

Rest assured that your individual dataset will never be shared with anyone outside of the Good Startups core team.

In the future, we will show our partners and clients aggregate data from everyone who has taken our survey, where your responses will be an anonymous part of an average score. In other words, neither you nor your company will ever be identified through this survey.

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What is your role at {{answer_iv9H}}?

What kind of entrepreneur would you consider yourself to be?

Choose the descriptor that most closely fits your company.

How many people work at your company?

At what investment stage is {{answer_iv9H}} right now?

If more than one applies, choose the one that fits you the most.

Are you affiliated with any of these organizations?

Approximately what percentage of your team works virtually (without % sign)?

Note: Working virtually means spending some or all of the time away from a centralized office.
Ok {{answer_HtG2}}, let's dive into some questions about {{answer_iv9H}}...

Consider the statements below, and rate them according to your experience at {{answer_iv9H}}.

There are 16 total questions for this part. After that, we'll get into deeper levels of your personal experience.

Please be honest with your answers.

Securing customers is easy for us right now.

Customers are finding us rather than us finding them.

We have convincing data demonstrating that customers want our specific product or service.

We have convincing data demonstrating that customers love our product or service.

We are confident in the long-term viability of our business model.

Our revenue is growing in a way that makes me feel confident in this company.

It is easy to raise the money we need for the organization.

Note: You can skip this if you have no concept at all about raising money for the organization.
I feel confident that investors/donors would fund this project.

Note: Skip this if you have no concept about whether funders would contribute to this project.
Everyone in our company is a leader.

My team believes that I am an effective leader in my area of expertise.

Our organization has structured hierarchical tiers.

(e.g., leaders at the top who make decisions, managers who help them delegate the work, and workers who carry out the tasks.)
Our organization has a few leaders at the top who decide how things get done.

Our team communicates effectively.

Our team members respond to communications in a timely fashion.

Company culture is a strong priority for us.

Our team meets regularly to reflect how we are working together.

{{answer_HtG2}}, you're doing great! Now we're going to dive a little deeper and ask you some questions about your experience at {{answer_iv9H}}...

Consider the statements below, and rate them according to your personal experience at {{answer_iv9H}}.

There are 41 total questions for this part.

Please be honest with your answers.

I am regularly interrupted throughout the day.

For example, push notifications, emails, meetings, putting out fires, etc.
I feel optimally focused during all of my daily tasks.

My time is primarily spent on tasks that I love doing.

There is plenty of time for me to get things done each day.

Most of the time I feel rushed to meet deadlines.

Our team tends to underestimate the time and resources it takes to get projects done.

You can't really change how intelligent you are.

If someone on my team has failed at a task, it normally indicates that they're simply not good at it.

Sometimes I feel like I don't really have what it takes to succeed.

I often overthink things.

I intentionally create time in my life to let go of thinking about my work.

For example - meditation, nature, hot bath, etc.
*Napping, Netflix, social media, and other active distractions do not count.
I often feel stuck trying to solve major challenges.

Fear is a true friend and ally.

I push my fears and anxieties away so that I can continue performing optimally.

I tend to avoid situations that bring up unpleasant thoughts and feelings in me.

My expectations about how things are supposed to run at my company are rarely met.

My company is who I am.

My self worth would not change even if I failed and lost all of my status, wealth, and achievements.

I worry that there isn't enough time, money, or support available for me.

I get anxious when situations don't turn out the way that they should.

There are many times when I feel like I'm not good enough.

I have a healthy relationship with my anxiety.

I can easily shift out of fear into more creative states of mind.

I have a lot of problems in my life that make my anxiety impossible to shake.

When I feel anxious, I can quickly choose to feel something different.

I often find it difficult to really relax and calm down my nerves.

Lately, I've been finding that I get easily irritated or agitated.

I usually need to deal with my anxiety later when I have time.

I tend to go through cycles of feeling overwhelmed, followed by immersing in self-care.

If I'm not pushing my breaking point, I'm probably not working hard enough.

My emotions cause problems for me.

Worrying is getting in the way of my success.

I sometimes deal with unpleasant situations by avoiding them altogether.

My work is making me feel completely drained.

I feel like I'm burning out sometimes.

I've started to question the significance of my work.

At the end of the day, I'm mentally and emotionally exhausted.

It's hard for me to get out of bed in the morning to go to work.

Honestly, I've become less enthusiastic about my work compared to when I first started.

I feel ineffective at getting important things done.

It seems like my efforts are constantly being blocked.

{{answer_HtG2}}, amazing work! Keep going - these are the final questions about your experiences.

Consider the statements below, and rate them according to your personal experience at {{answer_iv9H}}.

There are 31 total questions for this part. At the end, we'll ask you a few additional demographic questions, and you'll be finished.

Please be honest with your answers.

I often take on too much work for myself.

I always find solutions to challenging problems.

When something goes wrong, I'm always the one who has to fix it.

We make sure that everything we do directly benefits humanity.

I know that this project will directly help my community.

I am contributing to the wellbeing of our society through my work.

I feel safe expressing my vulnerability with my coworkers.

Some of our team lacks the ability to manage their emotions.

Our team is skillful in working through any emotions that need to be expressed.

I would still be working on this project in some form even if I couldn't make any money from it.

There is nothing else I'd rather do in my life than help build this company.

This company is playing an important role in my growth as a person.

When I fail at something important, I tend to be hard on myself.

I am kind to myself when I fail at something important.

I can be impatient with myself when I make a mistake.

My work is helping to reduce suffering in the world.

My work at this company helps me to help others.

This project provides me with opportunities to impact others in positive ways.

I completely trust my colleagues.

I know that my team has my back.

At our company, everyone's voice is heard equally.

All members of our company consistently and reliably live up to agreements.

(i.e., show up on time, fulfill goals, follow through on their word, etc.)
Some members of our team don't follow through with their responsibilities.

Individual roles and responsibilities are clearly communicated.

My coworkers are always willing to help out wherever the need is greatest.

Although our work may be challenging, it feels effortless to work with my colleagues.

Our organizational structure creates obstacles that prevent things from getting done efficiently.

My work is hindered by the quality of my coworker's contributions.

Everyone at my company is a top expert in their domain.

We have a truly diverse team.

I respect how good my coworkers are at their jobs.

Great work {{answer_HtG2}}! You made it through the entire assessment! Now we're going to ask you a few demographic questions before we finish up. 

If you feel uncomfortable responding to any of the demographic questions for any reason, by all means, leave it blank.

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What is your annual salary?

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What is your country of origin?

In which country are you living now?

What is the highest level of education that you have completed?

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Please note that if you choose to go deeper and work with us, we will break down your score into 15+ areas that are critical to entrepreneurial success, some of which include:

- Organizational Efficacy
- Time Management & Mindset
- Fear & Decision Making
- Burnout Risk
- Healthy Responsibility
- Emotional Intelligence
- Motivation
- Trust
- Collaboration
- Team Quality

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